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Acoustic Electric Guitar

The acoustic electric guitar blends both styles for a great look and sound. Fender, Gibson Taylor, Ibanez, and many other brands offer models.

If you decide that you want to play the electric guitar there are a few different styles to choose from. While the classic electric guitar model includes solid body and string through models, another option available is the acoustic electric guitar. This essentially lets you amplify the subtle tones of the acoustic guitar and can be used as an alternative to a standard acoustic guitar and microphone.

An acoustic electric guitar is basically an acoustic guitar by design and looks little different from this. However the electric model is fitted with technology that allows it to be connected directly into an amp and this is used to amplify the tones of the guitar. Usually this type of guitar is fitted with piezoelectric pickups, microphones or transducers for the purposes of amplifying the sound.

There are a few advantages of using an acoustic electric guitar. It provides the flexibility that it can be used as a simple acoustic guitar when playing smaller venues where amplification is not required. However in larger venues the instrument can be plugged directly into an amplifier to increase the sound levels that it makes and better get this across to an audience. This can make it a versatile instrument to have available.

If you consider that the benefits of owning an electric acoustic guitar are for you then there are a few manufacturers to choose from. Some of the well known companies that produce this type of instrument include 6 String, Taylor, Gibson Guitars and Ibanez. At the more affordable end of the market, acoustic electric guitars area typically available in the price range of $100 to $200. The Ibanez IJAE5 JamPack Jolt/SE electric acoustic guitar pack is an example of this and it retails for around the $200 mark. This guitar is sold with a number of accessories which include an ACA15 amp, padded bag, instruction DVD, extra strings and strap. This makes a good option if you are looking for an entry level instrument that can be used to learn about the instrument and use for practice.

At the more expensive end of the market an acoustic electric guitar can cost $1,500 and upwards. The Gibson Hummingbird Pro is typical of this and costs around $2,000. This is a classic instrument that was first introduced in the 1960’s and remains popular today. It features a square shoulder dreadnought style body and has a mahogany top and sides, with a rosewood fingerboard. Over the years it has been a favorite of many top rock stars and has been one of Gibson Guitars most popular instruments.

If you enjoy the sound of an acoustic guitar but are looking for a way that this can be effectively played at larger venues then an acoustic electric guitar is an instrument to consider. It offers the rich tones of an acoustic guitar with the amplification benefits of an electric guitar. This versatility can make it a good instrument to own and when you are considering purchasing a guitar it is an option to look into.

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