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Acoustic Guitar Strap

An acoustic guitar strap will make it easy to play while standing up.

If you want to play your acoustic guitar while standing, you’ll need an acoustic guitar strap. A  guitar strap for acoustic guitars is specifically made to comfortably hold your guitar in place, while you stand to play.  A good guitar strap will fit over your shoulder, and hold the guitar at a natural angle, providing stability.  Stability and comfort are two necessities for any acoustic strap, if you hope to stand up and play for long periods of time.

In truth, most guitar straps don’t differ a great deal from one another.  Most are simply long strips of tightly wound fabric, with a leather or faux-leather end affixed to attach to your guitar.  The real determining factor on which guitar strap is right for you, is mostly aesthetic appeal.  That’s also the biggest factor on what sort of price you can expect to pay for an acoustic guitar strap.

Typically price ranges for the average guitar strap for an acoustic guitar will fall into $20-40.  Anything below that, and the quality of the strap itself probably won’t stand up in the long run.  Acoustic guitar straps can be far more expensive depending upon which materials are used, or what designs are present.  Acoustic shoulder straps from name brands like Fender, Martin and Gibson guitar straps acoustic style will also be more expensive because of brand recognition.  But in most cases the name brand straps are no more durable than a more generic brand.

There are also different types of acoustic guitar straps.  Because an acoustic guitar usually does not have two attachment points like an electric guitar, most straps require a loop to be affixed to the headstock.  There are usually two ways a strap like this attaches itself: either by tying the end to the headstock, or by inserting a fabric loop with a clip at the end which attaches to the strap separately.  Any guitar strap for acoustic guitars with a clip will likely be faster to take off when the guitar is not in use, which is another convenience advantage.

But one of the most important deciding factors for anyone, should be comfort.  At a music store, before you make a purchase, you should always try out the guitar strap.  Almost every strap will have a different set up to provide comfort.  Some guitar straps have sliding shoulder pads that you can adjust to fit on your shoulder.  Others have no extra guitar strap padding besides the tightly woven fabric of the strap itself.  See what feels most comfortable to you, before choosing one based on style.  In the long run, comfort is going to go a good deal farther than style will.

Typically the best place to purchase an acoustic guitar strap, is a music shop.  They will have a much wider variety, and give you plenty of options for shopping within price or aesthetic appeal.  They will also have a better selection of brand name vs. generic brand guitar straps.  A big store like Guitar Center or Musician’s Friend are likely to have a huge selection.  Take your time and choose a strap that you’re really happy with.  You’re likely to be using it for quite some time, so make sure that you choose the right acoustic guitar strap for your taste.

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