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Guitar Amplifiers

Guitar amplifiers produce a great sound for both electric and acoustic models, with many amps to choose from.

There are a couple of basic types of guitar which comprise the acoustic guitar and electric guitar. The acoustic model tends to be the simpler of the two and as this projects sound using acoustic methods it requires no further equipment to play it. The electric guitar however cannot be played on its own and needs to be hooked into guitar amplifiers to produce sound.

Guitar amplifiers are electronic amplifiers which are used to make the signal of an electric guitar louder so that it can be heard through a loudspeaker. There are a few basic varieties available. The most common, and most affordable, these days is the solid state amplifier. The technology these use comprises printed circuit boards and transistors and they are generally considered to be reliable, inexpensive and light to carry. Most amateur electric guitar players will use this type of guitar amplifier.

Prior to solid state amplifiers the most popular type of guitar amplifiers were tube amplifiers. However, since the 1970’s this type of amplifier has declined in use for a few reasons. They tend to be more expensive, are heavier, need more maintenance and it can be difficult to find replacement parts. However they still tend to be the choice of many professional musicians for the rich sound they can produce.

Other types of guitar amplifiers available these days include Hybrid amps which incorporates both tube and solid state circuitry in their construction and digital-modeling amps which use computer modeling to make the sounds. The type of amplifier you choose will typically come down to cost and personal preference.

If you want to purchase guitar amplifiers, there are many manufacturers that produce these. One of the most recognized is Marshall Amplification which manufactures a range of amplifiers. Other companies include Fender, Trace Elliot, Line 6 and Vox. There are a few options to consider when buying an amplifier with the brand name being only one of these. You will generally need to consider the wattage required and the configuration. Amps tend to come in two configurations these being the combination (combo) unit or a head and stack unit. It can also be worth looking into buying a new unit or a used amplifier. Prior to buying the amp you will need to consider where you will likely be using it and do a little research to find the best type for this. If you can, it is also worth playing with the amp prior to purchasing to ensure you are happy with the sound it makes.

At the affordable end of the scale, decent quality guitar amplifiers tend to start in the range $50 to $150. An example of this is the Vox DA5 which retails for around $120. This is a small, light amplifier which can produce a range of sounds and effects, with 11 sound styles and 11 digital effects available. This is a good entry level amplifier. If you are considering a more sophisticated amplifier the cost will rise. Some of the higher end units can cost towards $1,000 to purchase. The Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue Guitar Combo Amplifier, for example, costs around $750 to purchase. This is a 40 watt amplifier and is vintage style amplifier with modern technology incorporated.

If you play the electric guitar then choosing guitar amplifiers is an important part of getting set up. However with the wide choice of options on the market most people should be able to find an amplifier that suits their style of play as well as their budget.

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