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Guitar Chair

A guitar chair gives you awesome comfort while playing.

A guitar chair is a stylish way to upgrade your music room, and provides an extra level of comfort that a stool cannot.  The major difference between guitar stools and chairs, is that the chair offers added back support.  A guitar playing chair is designed to allow you the necessary amount of mobility to hold your guitar comfortably.  The back support also provides an added plus for anyone that finds sitting on a stool for hours, rather uncomfortable.  But as they are more elaborate items, opposed to stools, guitar chairs tend to be more expensive.

Price will likely be the biggest deciding factor for the guitar chair purchase.  Where stools tend to be relatively cheap, falling anywhere between $50-$100.  A chair for guitar tends to be at the higher end of the spectrum, usually pushing $200 and above.  Depending upon which features you’re looking for from your chair, the prices can be vary greatly.

What a guitar chair mainly offers, is added comfort and flexibility while playing your instrument.  These chairs don’t have armrests, so as to provide space to seat your guitar in your lap.  Also a guitar chair is usually more maneuverable that a regular chair, offering added mobility for changing instruments, or adjusting your seat to play a wide variety of guitars.

There are guitar rocking chairs that feature a rocking motion, not unlike a rocking chair, to facilitate the extra movement you’ll need when playing guitar.  The idea is to provide a good selection of possible seating positions, so that you can remain comfortable playing any instrument, or guitar.  Because the posture necessary can differ greatly from one guitar to another, a musicians chair provides for this by giving you an extra degree of ability to alter your seating position.

The type of guitar playing chair, will usually dictate how much the chair is going to cost.  You can find very basic metal guitar chairs that don’t offer a great deal of different movements, but that will facilitate most guitar playing needs.  These chairs actually don’t differ that much from your average folding chair, but do provide a little more freedom to manage your instruments.  A cheap guitar chair can actually cost under $100.  Usually these are made of metal, and don’t feature padded seats, or a rocking motion.

The best guitar chairs in contrast, can be very expensive.  Many are made from wood and feature frames that rock, and can also move side to side.  Most of the higher end wood guitar chairs also come with very comfortable cushions, so that you can play for long periods in comfort.  But that comes at a great difference in price, as these chairs can cost in excess of $300.

Stores like Guitar Center are a great place to shop for a guitar chair.  They have a wide variety, and usually offer some degree of customization so that you can create a chair to best fit your needs.  Always try before you buy, to ensure the chair you like offers the comfort for you to hold your posture comfortably over time.  Guitar Center, unlike many smaller stores, also offers you the ability to finance a more expensive chair.  So you can get a very nice guitar chair to meet your needs, no matter your budget.

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