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Guitar Foot Stool

The guitar foot stool is an integral accessory for any guitar player.

A guitar foot stool is one of those must have items for practically any guitar player.  These handy little tools come in a variety of sizes and shapes, offering various levels of comfort and stability.  Because of their relatively small size, most guitar footstools are very cheap, but finding a quality guitar foot rest can be difficult.  Although, if you’re not a seasoned guitar player, you may be wondering what exactly a guitar foot stool is.

Well, basically a foot stool for guitars is a small foot rest that allows you to prop one of your legs up, while sitting on a chair.  These foot stools are designed to help you maintain the proper classical guitar posture that can be hard to imitate when seated.  The guitar foot stool will allow one of your legs, usually the left, to rest higher than the other.  This way your guitar is at an angle that is more comfortable, and easier to play, while sitting down.

Most guitar foot stools are very flexible, in terms of accessibility, and will adjust to a variety of different sizes.  This is useful, because the height of your guitar footrest  depends on your height, and also the height of the guitar chair or stool you’ll be sitting on.  The footstool can adjust to different angles, in addition to height, to maintain as comfortable a position as possible.  Both angle and height are important as you’ll need to choose an incline that’s right for your foot.  Finding a comfortable angle is essential to keep you comfortable while you play guitar.

Finding the right guitar footstool is as simple as going to your local music shop.  Most shops offer these items, as a footrest is a fairly common item for any guitar player.  There are also more varieties online, but it’s best to try out a stool before you purchase one.  There are a number of factors you should consider.  Make sure that you can hold your foot in a natural and comfortable position.  Also make sure that the foot stool holds your leg high enough in comparison with the chair you’ll be using for practice.  Depending on the type of guitar you play, you may want to choose a different model.  Those who play classical guitar should look for a classical guitar foot stool and there are wooden guitar foot stools for those who play acoustic, as the instrument is slightly bigger than electric guitars.  Comfort is key, as playing in an uncomfortable position for long periods of time can be bad for the muscles and tendons in your leg.

The bigger stores, like Guitar Center for example, will have a larger selection of guitar foot stools, at more competitive price points.  The employees there will also be able to point you in the right direction as far as posture, and which type of foot stool is right for you.  As far as pricing is concerned, the typical foot stool usually won’t rise above $10.  Name brand footstools can be more expensive, only because of the logos that they bear.  But a generic brand will usually offer the same quality, at half the price.  Brands like On Stage and Musician’s Gear tend to be cheaper.

A guitar foot stool is a necessity if you find yourself playing guitar for long periods of time.  As most guitarists can attest, the importance of playing in a more natural and comfortable position can’t be overstated.  A footstool for guitar will allow you to do that, for a very low price.

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