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Guitar Stools

Guitar stools give comfort and style while playing guitar, resembling a bar stool.

For any musician, guitar stools can make playing guitar easier and more comfortable.  The problem with most traditional pieces of furniture, is that they aren’t designed with a guitar player in mind.  Whereas a guitar stool is designed to be a sturdy and comfortable place to sit, no matter how long your jam sessions run.  If you’re a guitar player who experiences any discomfort when playing for long periods of time, a guitar playing stool is a necessary purchase for you.

A guitar playing stool is basically a regular bar stool, but has been designed with a guitar player in mind.  The average guitar bar stool is around 24“-30”, providing just enough height so that your legs are slightly off the ground.  This puts less pressure on your legs, and allows you to remain comfortable for long periods of time.  So if you’re a taller person, you want to lean towards purchasing high guitar stools, so that your weight can be evenly distributed on the seat.  This is very important, as how your weight is distributed determines how comfortable your guitar seat will be.  If the chair is intended for more than one person, make sure to get an adjustable guitar stool, which allows you to change the height as needed.

Another factor to be aware of when purchasing a guitar stool is weight limit.  Guitar stools usually have a lower weight limit than your average chair, because your weight is concentrated onto a smaller area.  Usually weight limit depends on what materials were used to make the guitar chair stool.  Wood guitar stools can be more stylish, but tend to have lower weight limitations.  Metal guitar stools usually have a more padded and comfortable seat, as well as more weight support.  A metal stool for guitar will usually last longer, and tend to be much cheaper than wooden stools.

There are also a variety of different brands and styles available for your choosing.  Some of the bigger guitar manufacturers, such as Fender, offer their own brand name stools.  A big name brand like Fender is a good place to start when looking at purchasing a stool, so make sure to look for some Fender guitar stools when shopping around.  Usually the bigger companies offer a more high quality product, that is also guaranteed by some sort of lifetime warranty.  That means you’ll have a stool that’s guaranteed to last for a long time, and that can be repaired should any damage occur.

When going guitar stool shopping, you should stick to stores specifically targeting musicians.  Most of the larger music stores offer furniture pieces like stools, in addition to instruments and supplies.  Not only will they have a wider selection of guitar specific stools, but they will also be able to provide employees with the expertise that can help you shop.  Big chains like Guitar Center and Musicians Friend have a wide variety of guitar stools, and are perfectly willing to extend some guidance to any first time buyers.

As far as the price of guitar stools is concerned, a name brand stool like Fender, Gibson, Martin, or Taylor can cost you more than average, but they also tend to last longer and provide more visual flair.  If you’re going name brand a guitar stool can cost you as much as $100 and up.  Conversely a stool from a smaller company will usually run half that price.  Wooden stools also tend to be very expensive, depending upon style.  Wooden guitar stools also don’t last as long as their metal counterparts.  So keep that in mind when buying your guitar bar stool.

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