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Learn Blues Guitar

There are many blues guitar lessons and training courses to guide you.

There are a number of different styles of guitar playing and once you have mastered the basics of the instrument it can be a good idea to broaden your experience by learning some of the various styles. Some of these include classical, jazz, metal and many more. If you want to master one of the traditional styles of playing then it can be a good idea to learn blues guitar.

The blues is a musical form which was developed mainly by African-Americans in the south of the USA towards the end of the 19th century. There have been many famous exponents of this style of play and some of these include John Lee Hooker, B.B. King and Eric Clapton. If you want to emulate some of these great guitarists and learn blues guitar there are a few ways you can do this.

One of the simplest ways to learn blues guitar is to use the resources available on the internet. Many of the lessons and courses are available for free and they can provide you with much of the basic and advanced techniques that are required to play the style well. Some of the web sites that provide resources which can teach you to play the blues include Free Guitar Videos, Blues Lessons and 12 Bar. These provide a range of lessons from beginner to advanced which should help you with your ambition to play the blues style well.

There are also a few books and DVD’s available which can be used to learn blues guitar in your own home. Some of these include House of Blues Presents: Blues Guitar Course. This costs $20 to purchase and includes a book and DVD’s that will instruct you in many of the technique that are required to play the blues well. A book and CD combination is Blues Guitar Manual: Complete Learn to Play Instructions. This product takes you through a complete course from beginner to professional level and will show you many of the essential techniques involved in playing the blues. The book and 2 CD’s costs $35 to purchase.

If you prefer to learn blues guitar from a teacher it can be worth checking if there are any in your area which have experience of blues music. Checking the music shops in your neighborhood as well as a directory of local services may find you a guitar teacher that can show you some of the basics of the blues. Not all guitar teachers have experience of the blues style, although if you do a little searching around you may find one that can assist you.

If your ambition is to learn blues guitar there are many resources that you can use to help with this. While some will cost a little money there are others that are free. Doing a little bit of research should find you a method that will help you learn to play the blues and with a little practice you could end up jamming with the best of them.

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