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Pink Electric Guitar

Strum out in style with a pink electric guitar, whether it be hot pink or soft.

Many people starting out in music choose to play the guitar and it is a popular instrument. If you decide to take this up as a hobby the choice will generally come down to playing an acoustic or an electric guitar. As a more affordable option the acoustic guitar can be good for beginners, although youngsters and adults alike can choose to play the electric guitar. Many like the style and sound of these and if you want to be more flamboyant then a pink electric guitar can be a good instrument to select.

The electric guitar has been around for more then 70 years and during this time there have been a number of famous manufacturers. Fender is one of these with the Fender Stratocaster being one of the most well known of electric guitars. Other popular brands over the years have included Vox and Gibson electric guitars.

If you have learned the basics of the electric guitar and find the instrument is your style it may be that you join a band or play concerts. If this is the case you make want a more decorative style of guitar and one that will certainly get you noticed is a pink electric guitar. This style can also be good for kids, especially girls, who tend to like something that is a little more colorful and flamboyant. There are a number of electric pink guitars available, some of which are designed for adults and others that are aimed at kids.

There are a few manufacturers that produce a pink electric guitar and one of these is Daisy Rock. They produce the Rock Candy Princess Atomic Pink electric guitar pack. This retails for around $190 and can be an excellent guitar for younger girls learning to play. The guitar has a slim neck which is more suited to smaller hands and as well as the guitar and amp the pack also includes a gig bag for carrying the guitar and a string winder.

Dean Guitars is another manufacturer that produces a pink electric guitar. They have the Custom Zone Solid Body Electric Guitar in Fluorescent Pink available. This retails for around $200 and features sleek curves with the easy playing style that Dean Guitars is famous for. Other manufacturers that produce electric pink guitars for sale include Fender and Jackson.

There are a number of outlets where a pink electric guitar can be found for sale. Bigger stores such as Best Buy and Sam Ash Music can be places to look and many neighborhoods can have local music and guitar shops. Searching online can also identify a few web retailers that have electric pink guitars for sale. Some of the online stores to consider include Guitar Center, Roxy Music and Guitar Files.

If you decide that you want a more flamboyant and decorative style for the guitar you play, then a pink electric guitar can be an option to consider. It is an attractive style that will get you noticed and is something that will look great whether you are strumming in your bedroom or playing on stage.

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